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Mell Investment Group is a private real estate investment firm. Our focus is to acquire, develop, and redevelop residential and commercial properties in major urban markets and to enhance their value through creative repositioning and intensive management.

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Established in 2008 as a multifamily investment firm MIG quickly gained recognition for results based on its performance, specifically regarding its work in creating sustainable assets. The company has a consistent and focused strategy of identifying markets that are supply constrained, have an abundance of low to middle income consumers, and exhibit strong levels of growth in the jobs sector.

We look for well-located assets in select major cities where pricing dislocations or active management will generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.  We invest on a property-by-property basis with an emphasis on dynamic communities.  We believe people want to live and work in neighborhoods that are urban, walkable, and sustainable.

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We draw from decades of experience making investment decisions that are proactive, informed by vision and a passion for real estate of enduring quality.

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Rampart Manor- Los Angeles, CA - 60 Unit Apartment Complex
Kenwood Apartments- Los Angeles, CA - 8 Unit Apartment Complex
Wonderland Estate- Hollywood Hills, CA - SFR Redevelopment

Laurel Pass Oasis- Hollywood Hills, CA - SFR Redevelopment

Campbell Homes- Houston, Texas - 13 Unit Home Community
Francis Assemblage- Los Angeles, CA - Koreatown Multifamily Development Project
Gordon Lots- Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Development Project
Lexington Plaza- Hollywood, CA - East Hollywood Development Project
Ratner Homes- North Hollywood, CA - Lot Division and Development

Balkin Apartments - Houston, TX - 20 Unit Apartment Complex

Oak Manor Apartments- Pasadena, TX - 16 Unit Apartment Complex

Sydnor Apartments- Houston, TX - 8 Unit Apartment Complex

Marengo Plaza- Los Angeles, CA Retail and Office

Capitol Street Apartments - Houston (East End), TX -14 Unit Apartment Complex

71st Street Apartments - Houston (East End), TX - 19 Unit Apartment Complex

Maltby Manor - Houston (East End), TX - 6 Unit Apartment Complex

Lavender Apartments - Houston (Kashmere Gardens), TX - 52 Unit Apartment Complex

Kashmere Apartments - Houston (Kashmere Gardens), TX - 15 Unit Apartment Complex

Venice Haus - Venice Beach, CA - Triplex Vacation Rental


Coming from a lineage of real estate development and construction, Joshua began his career at the age of fifteen.  Joshua grew up on construction sites alongside his father who was a seasoned contractor and developer.  Starting in the payroll department Joshua quickly learned the nature of running a business with many moving parts.  At the age of seventeen Joshua transitioned to work alongside his mother in the field of mortgage finance and quickly found himself processing and underwriting loans. In 2001, he was recruited by Countrywide Financial to work in their processing department as a Collateral Analyst.


In 2004, Joshua focused all of his energy on establishing First Nation Financial, a mortgage lending institution based in Encino, CA.  Within months, First National Financial, with Joshua as its CEO, had over sixty employees and gross sales in excess of $6 million in its first year.  In 2008, with the dwindling of the mortgage business Joshua again transitioned into the field of real estate investment. Developing a niche in the field of mismanaged and troubled assets, specifically those in substandard conditions, Joshua was able to quickly create lasting relationships based on performance and results with local city governments to complete the rehabilitation of troubled assets and create value add opportunities for investors by developing and managing stabilized and financially feasible assets.  Having created strong and lasting relationships with real estate professionals Joshua continues to show growth and results in all investment opportunities and has maintained and grown his investor team.


Joshua attributes his success to his parents and his education.  He achieved his degree of Bachelor of Science in Management at the prestigious Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management.  Joshua lives in Beverly Hills with his family and is a supporter of the Pepperdine University Associates as well as an avid Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings fan. 

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7004 Capitol Street Unit 1

Houston, TX 77011

Satellite Office

454 Robertson Blvd Suite B

Los Angeles, California 90048

832-510-8322  Office

323-400-6664  LA Office

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